There is master plan being prepared, at the central level, for the development of all ONGC premises, throughout India. This involves various stages, right from area surveying, to planning the architecture, and finally execution. The tentative cost for Baroda, just for planning the project is approx. Rs.  1.05 crores. By due process, this work was awarded to School of Planning and Architecture (SPA). The total amount involved some Rs. 48 Lakh + GST, just for the survey work and another Rs. 40 lakhs + GST, for planning and designing. 

ASTO is closely monitoring the entire project, as it involves the welfare of the employees. Knowing the costs of the first stage of the project, ASTO President, Mr. Puneet Saxena, approached and sought help from Head Geophysical Services, Mr. S. K. Tewari, and together they gave a proposal to the Support Manager to carry out the survey part, in-house, with in-house officers, and in-house equipment. Geophysical Services, along with the civil department were already in possession of all the equipment, softwares, licenses, and technical know-how to carry out such a survey. 
Soon a meeting was arranged by the Support Manager, with HGS, Civil, Head Electrical Maintenance, Estate and ASTO, and it was decided to carry out the survey part of the project in-house. With inputs from ASTO, approx Rs. 52 lakhs has been saved. The work orders will be issued shortly. 
With this, ASTO Vadodara has set up a precedent, which will be followed in other establishments of ONGC too.

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