Medical bills of Dahej plant to be verified and cleared by doctor on site

Employees posted at Dahej Plant are in 14 days ON-OFF duty. Many of them operate from family stations, outside Vadodara. The issue of medical claims of employees has been pending from quite long. The entire process of verification and approval was done at KGHC Baroda, after which the bills were sent for reimbursement to finance. As most of the employees never come to Baroda headquarter, they never come to know about the status of their medical bill (where the medical bill might be stuck, or what problem exists in the bill). In such situation, someone needs to followup the case to ascertain that everything is in order.
With the efforts of ASTO and positive attitude of Dr G. P. Narayankar, ACMO (I/C KGHC) and Mr D. D. Sathe (ED - Plant Manager), it has now been decided that medical bills of Dahej plant will be verified by the doctor posted at the plant itself. This will significantly reduce turn around time for reimbursement of medical claims of employees posted at Dahej plant. Already few bills have been passed through this improvised process.

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